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Merchant Account

The world and market are rapidly changing and cash payments are becoming less and less common. In fact, most analysts believe that credit cards and debit card purchases will soon be the primary way that consumers pay for products and services. Additionally, more and more people now buy products and services online and use credit and debit cards for those purchases. Due to this, it is absolutely essential to open a safe merchant account for your business or website. A merchant account allows a business or website to accept credit cards and debit cards for products and services thus increasing business and sales and helping the business to grow.

Finding a merchant account can be difficult, especially with so many merchant account companies on the market with tricky and confusing terminology and fees. One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a merchant account is the discount rate and transaction fees. The discount rate is the percentage of the purchase price that the merchant account company charges and the transaction fee is a per purchase flat rate. There are over 150 types of transactions using credit and debit cards and there will be a different rate for each transaction types. It is also very important to pay attention to the contract length, cost of set-up, minimum monthly charges, and processing charges. Take a look at our comparison of merchant accounts.

After researching many, many merchant accounts for our own businesses, we concluded that Merchant Warehouse is the best merchant account provider on the market. Not only is it rated an A+ by the Better Business Association, it also offers the lowest fees in the market. In fact, if you find better rates and Merchant Warehouse can't match them, they will give you $100. Additionally, Merchant Warehouse does not require any long-term contract and it is free to apply and get set up. clik here to learn more.

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